Which is the Best Antivirus?

Which Is The Best Antivirus?

Antivirus software is a set of programs which detects malicious software or malware, as it is commonly called, and removes it. It also prevents malware from affecting the system. Malware is commonly referred to as a computer ‘virus’. All the different antivirus programs which are available in the market may not be totally successful in dealing with malware but they do offer a certain level of protection to the system. To protect your system from viruses, antivirus must be installed in it and it should also be updated regularly. These antiviruses are programmed for automatic updates from the web.

Which is the Best Antivirus?

The changes in malicious software make it more potent and dangerous for PCs. But, the best antivirus software is programmed to detect and remove the latest versions of malware which pose a threat to systems the world over. The technical know how behind the programming of antivirus has developed a lot over time. Earlier, the antivirus purchased by the user was effective in removing only those malware which were known at that time. But, by the time this antivirus was developed and released in the market, new viruses were introduced and they started attacking the PCs. So, when this antivirus software was installed in the system, it could remove only those viruses which it was programmed to deal with. It could not tackle the threat posed by the new malware. So, this was a major drawback. The latest antivirus is developed with the latest technical knowledge and expertise and they are more effective in dealing with newer viruses.

The best antivirus software developed by different companies undergoes extensive testing by labs which are exclusively involved in security software testing. This testing involves checking how well an antivirus detects a virus from a database of known viruses. Also, this testing will check if the antivirus can block as yet unknown viruses and how effectively it can protect the system against them. Also, the lab will test how efficiently the antivirus will repair the system in the case of a malware successfully attacking the system and causing damage.

Antivirus software is available in free and paid versions. The paid versions have more security features and offer better technical support than the free versions. Some good quality antivirus software offer firewall protection and also security from identity theft. This software is some of the best available in the market and they are part of the internet security suite. If you want to keep your PC secure, you should run the updated versions of firewall, antivirus and antispyware regularly.

Antivirus software is tested regularly for efficiency and it is found that some of this software is not as effective as others. So some antiviruses are superior to others. They will give a list of safe software and another list of potentially harmful software to warn the user and to keep him informed of the security status of his PC. But nowadays new software is being released daily which is potentially malicious. So it has to be decided in real time if the software is safe or unsafe for the system.

The best antivirus is tested for its effect on the speed of running of the system and whether it slows it down. They are checked for their ease of use and if they interfere with the normal functioning of the system by initiating security checks while the user is busy with some important work on his PC.
The best antivirus should have the latest security features for optimal protection of the system.
  • It protects the system from malware, spam, the dangers of identity theft and the risks inherent with interacting on social media.
  • It takes into account the feedback given by other users on the internet and keeps a checklist of files and programs which have been identified by them as dangerous.
  • It monitors virus threats globally by extensive tracking of individual files on the internet.
  • It filters and removes mail which is unwanted, fake or dangerous for the system.
  • It prevents the user from downloading files which are high on the list of dangerous files.
  • It checks the safety of any website which you are browsing and will prevent you from giving away any information which may put you at risk later by issuing a warning.
  • It blocks sites which may try to take your personal information with malicious intent. Thus it protects you from identity theft.
  • If any website is considered by the antivirus as dangerous, it will warn you before you visit it. 
  • Even when you are on social networks like Facebook, it will scan any URLs given on the Wall for links to phishing sites or unsafe downloads.
  • It has an intelligent Firewall which will prevent strangers in the vicinity of your system from accessing it by blocking them.
  • It maps the network so that you can see all the systems connected to your PC and can detect any intruder who may be using your wireless internet connection or spying on you.
  • It automatically installs updates when the system is idle so that the system has optimal protection.
  • The best antivirus updates its list of the latest malware from the internet.
  • It increases the level of performance by correcting faults in the system which slow it down.
  • It constantly keeps the memory of the PC free and keeps the settings at optimum performance so that the computer starts easily.
  • Some infections which are tough to remove can be eliminated with the help of the best antivirus.
  • When the PC is idle, it creates backup of all the data and saves it to the disc, USB or the internet.